People are strange… #XIV

frauen haben beutelIt is a common idea that shopping and women are close-knit. And being in South Africa for a report I learned that this is anything but new!

However the report on my agenda was not on female behavior but on Rooibos, the indigenous plant there that makes a quite popular sort of infusion with earthy, nutty flavors. To find the fields and production site the photographer Russell and I were met at the Cape Town airport by Gerda. She drove us up the hills through impressive scenery to Clanwilliam and into the half desert. Before we went any further we were staying at the Bushmans Kloof Ressort for the night. After a wonderful dinner under uncountable stars we were taken out for a little tour in the early morning by a ranger.

The scene of us in that huge old-fashioned jeep must have looked quite a bit like „Out of Africa“ – we had to smile. Anyway, we didn’t see much wildlife, just a couple of springboks standing around. So our guide Alf took us to a formation of huge rocks and showed us „the paintings“. We had of course no problem to recognize, that they were showing groups of humans, when Alf casually asked, how we would find out who was male and who female … We were at a loss – and he grinned: „The women of course are carrying bags  …“

We had a second look and I wanted to know, if there was something special to the men too. „Yes“, he said: „their calves are much more distinct.“ Interesting, isn’t it? So women are still on track, while quite some men are losing control …

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