People are strange… #XIV

frauen haben beutelIt is a common idea that shopping and women are close-knit. And being in South Africa for a report I learned that this is anything but new!

However the report on my agenda was not on female behavior but on Rooibos, the indigenous plant there that makes a quite popular sort of infusion with earthy, nutty flavors. To find the fields and production site the photographer Russell and I were met at the Cape Town airport by Gerda. She drove us up the hills through impressive scenery to Clanwilliam and into the half desert. Before we went any further we were staying at the Bushmans Kloof Ressort for the night. After a wonderful dinner under uncountable stars we were taken out for a little tour in the early morning by a ranger.

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People are strange… #XIII

ldnWhen Alexander and I were living in London, it didn’t take us long to notice, that socializing is an extremely serious matter to the natives. So when we were asked by Mrs Sturges-Jones, our very friendly neighbour from one floor above, to join her for „Pre-Dinner Drinks“, we had second thoughts that this is just having an Aperitif with an elderly lady – and even more important, a very good friend of our landlord.

As a non-British subject you can be way off … So I did ask for advice in the office. The information by Mrs Khan – the unofficial chief of our team – was: Pre-Dinner Drinks is a casual way to introduce yourself. The important thing is to be there at 6 pm and leave at 8 pm sharp – no matter what. That sounded weird but manageable.

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Profi-Trinker: Die spinnen, die Briten…

FotoEs ist eine gute Sache, wenn Wein in Restaurants oder Bars glasweise ausgeschenkt wird. Manchmal kann man sich schließlich mit seinem Gegenüber nicht auf eine Flasche einigen. Oder einer will auch mal separat eine kleine Menge eines ausgefallenen Tropfens probieren. Aber was man sich da jetzt im Empire ausgedacht hat, ist doch slightly over the top. Das Foto zeigt ein Supermarktregal bei Tesco in London. Es handelt sich um Plastik-„Gläser“ mit abziehbarem Aludeckel – wie Joghurtbecher… Nein, wir haben keine Kostprobe mitgenommen.